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New Riverside Location!

We are delighted to inform you that we are moving to a new location as of 2/1/2023. Come visit us at:

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Oil / Water Separation

Free-floating oils / emulsified oils / soluble oils
Oil/water separators are generally capable of separating free-floating oils, rather than chemically emulsified oils, or soluble oils from water. Knowing the physical characteristics of the oils as they exist in the water can avoid costly mistake.

In-Ground Oil/Water Separators
In-ground oil/water separators can be an effective method of trapping free floating oils. However, in-ground collection of oils will also require a method to remove the trapped oils. Oil extraction can be accomplished using a vacuum system or an above grade skimmer system. The Water Maze In-ground Separator (IGS) unit not only provides excellent solids separation, but when combined with our uniquely designed "Maze" of oil coalescing grids, it also enhances the separation of oils from water.

Above-Ground Clarifier/Oil/Water Separators
The ALPHA-1500D and ALPHA-3100D models are highly effective above-ground oil/water separators, designed to discharge wash water at rates of up to 30 GMP (6.8 cubic meters/hour). Both models incorporate a low-profile stainless steel tank, stainless steel baffles positioned for optimizing the water flow, proprietary coalescing "Maze" grids that maximize the oil coalescing process, ultra-violet ozone generator for odor control, automatic oil skimming and decanting and NEMA control center for automatic operation.