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Three APW operating tips to avoid a foam party on your floor

Using more detergent and the correct temperature in APWs equals less foam

Having an Automatic Parts Washer unexpectedly foam up all over the floor doesn’t make for a great day. It makes for extra work and more downtime, not to mention damage to the machine. Proper operation is the key to avoiding annoying foam.

There are a few reasons that your Automatic Parts Washer may foam. Typically, foaming is due to improper water temperature, excessive oil or grime, or a skewed water-to-detergent ratio. There are few simple, cost-effective steps you can take to prevent your APW from foaming up.

Here are three easy tips to keep foam off the floor:  

  1. Make sure your APW is heated to 150° before operating. Using cold water while running an APW will result in a “foam party” all over your floor.
  2. Add detergent. Not using enough detergent can cause problems. Measure detergent levels with a pH strip. The ideal level is between 10 and 11 pH to ensure the right amount of detergent is in the machine. Levels registering under 10 will cause foam, while levels over 11 will cause chalky spotting on parts.
  3. Add defoamer to the sump and clean excessive materials off parts before operating your APW. Depending on what you’re cleaning, excessive grease, synthetic and transmission oil, high detergent motor oils, and gear lube can cause foaming.

Performing these steps takes much less time than the clean-up that’s required after your APW foams all over the floor. A foaming APW equals downtime and a slippery situation. Avoid the foam party.

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