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Don’t ignore the signs of breakdown

Ignoring maintenance cues creates unnecessary downtime and expenses 

Pressure washers are like cars - they need regular maintenance to run smoothly, efficiently, and with the power you expect. It’s important to watch for issues that may cause trouble down the road and stay on top of a regular maintenance schedule to keep your pressure washer in top notch condition. Knowing the signs and the recommended service schedule for your machine saves on repair costs and increases the life of your machine.

Regular preventative maintenance is key.

  • Service your machine every 400-500 hours of use. Most importantly, change the PUMP OIL. A good rule of thumb is to change it quarterly. 
  • If your machine is not run 40 hours per week, semi-annual safety and maintenance checks are necessary. 
  • Watch for performance issues - a slow decrease in operating pressure and heating efficiency means it’s time to service. 
  • Look for scaled lime, sticking unloaders, and worn pump packings – these issues can increase labor time. 
  • Check the burner, transformer, fuel filters, spark plugs regular and be sure to the test the battery on occasion – these parts are the life of your machine. 
  • Regularly check for busted hoses and failing safety relief valves. Not fixing either can lead to dangerous situations for employees.  

Most pressure washers are operated daily and not serviced until they breakdown. Don’t put your pressure washer in that category. Units that are not properly maintained could result in hazardous conditions, safety issues, and higher cost of repair. Staying on top of regular maintenance and watching for signs of wear and tear will decrease downtime and continually increase the life of your pressure washer. 

Hotsy of Southern California has the service knowledge and expertise to keep your equipment properly maintained and running smoothly. Contact us to learn more about our cost-effective Scheduled Maintenance Program. Trust us. We know clean.