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Take Advantage of Automation for Parts Washing

Automatic parts washers save time and money and offer improved safety

Every business wants to find ways to maximize productivity in their operations. This doesn’t mean cutting corners, but instead using new methods, technologies, training and staff to achieve more work with less effort – and less cost. Automatic parts washers available from Hotsy of Southern California are an ideal option and a great way to take some of the time-intensive, hands-on labor off your staff so that they can focus on more critical projects.

Quick and Convenient

Think about your work as though you were a chef. Your small parts and tools are the knives and whisks you rely on to make your masterful creations, and you need to make sure they’re available when you need them. For a chef, having a dishwasher helps minimize the time spent washing and rewashing these implements, and for your team, an automatic parts washer can achieve the same goal.

In many ways, an automatic parts washer is the dishwasher for industrial and commercial businesses. Instead of dedicating members of your team to washing small parts and tools, you can simply put them in your automatic parts washer, set it and forget it. When you return, your parts will be dirt and dust free, and even sanitized if needed.

Improved Safety

Beyond just the convenience of an automatic parts washer, there’s also an additional safety bonus for your employees. Often times, harsh detergents or solvents are used in washing to remove caked on dirt or to properly sanitize components. These caustic solutions are highly effective, but can be hazardous to the health and safety of employees. This not only poses a risk, but likely incurs additional costs for your business to ensure proper protection equipment is available for washing and rinsing your parts and tools.

With a parts washer, you won’t have to worry so much and can still achieve a thorough clean. Automatic parts washers are fully enclosing, meaning that there’s no risk of any cleaning solvents coming in contact with employees or causing hazardous fumes.

Small Size, Big Efficiency

Adding an automatic parts washer to your shop is also easier than you might think. Hotsy of Southern California carries Cuda models from Kärcher which take up a small footprint, with some models occupying as little as 15 square feet of floor space. With the savings to labor costs and time, it will easily pay for itself in no time, providing even more motivation to find a bit of room in your facility for a parts washer.

Models are also available in two design styles – front loading and top loading. Like your laundry washing machine, this simply allows you the convenience of choosing a configuration that works best for your space. Models can also be configured with a variety of additional functionalities like heaters, filtration and sump sweepers, automatic water replenishment, oil drain systems and an evaporator to leave just waste sludge behind after cleaning.

Make your shop more efficient and save on your bottom line in 2018 by investing in a new automatic parts washer system from Hotsy of Southern California. You’ll never have to pay it overtime, it’ll never call in sick, and it’s always there when you need it. Learn more about the advantages of a parts washer or get a consultation on the best model for your shop today by calling Hotsy of Southern California at (714) 237-1400.