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How to Meet Environmental Regulations

The wastewater you generate when pressure washing can go down the drain. Out of sight, out of mind. Right?


Pressure washers are effective because they blast dirt from a surface. Some industrial pressure washers spray as much as three gallons of water per minute, meaning that they can use up to 120 gallons of water an hour. 

But that also means some washers produce 120 gallons of wastewater an hour — and that wastewater might include contaminants like dirt, sediments, oil, hazardous chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria, and cleaning products.

If these contaminants seep into groundwater, they’ll eventually end up in rivers, streams, lakes, and even the ocean, damaging the environment. It’s easy to think that letting these contaminants go down the drain will eliminate these environmental concerns, but it’s not safe to let wastewater enter storm drains or municipal treatment systems, either. And if wastewater isn’t handled properly, you’re likely to incur hefty fines from municipal, state, and federal regulatory agencies.

Be clean and green by installing a water reclamation and treatment system that will collect 90 percent or more of the wastewater your wash system generates. You’ll be able to treat that wastewater on-site and remove contaminants in compliance with environmental laws — and you’ll be able to reduce your waste hauling costs, too.

Need it? We’ve got it. Hotsy of Southern California can install a wash bay with a high-volume water reclamation system that’ll enable you to meet municipal, state, and federal regulations. You’ll keep more money in your pocket — guaranteed. Take it from us. We know clean.