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New Nozzles Deliver Powerful Cleaning Performance

Blast away dirt and grime with Hydra-Flex technology

At Hotsy of Southern California, we know that sometimes you need a bit more power to clear away stubborn, caked-on grease, grime and other gunk. Not all dirt is created equally, nor is every cleaning solution. That’s why we’re proud to now offer some of the most powerful pressure washer nozzles available – the Aqua-Rocket, Ripsaw and Switchblade from Hydra-Flex – which can cut through even the most difficult soils.

Blast off dirt with Aqua-Rocket

The leading solution for industrial cleaning from Hydra-Flex, the Aqua-Rocket delivers high-power cleaning power of up to 4,000 PSI. Designed for heavy-duty cleaning jobs, this rotating turbo nozzle is built with a stainless-steel housing and tungsten-carbide nozzle tip, delivering longer life and greater resistance to harsh cleaning conditions. Each nozzle also features a rubberized layer to protect it from drops.

In action, the Aqua-Rocket sprays a 0-degree stream of water while also rotating, creating a 22-degree cone-shaped spraying pattern that helps attack dirt at high pressure and from different angles, allowing the nozzle to deliver enhanced cleaning power. According to Hydra-Flex, this approach results in a 95.18 greater impingement force than other nozzles.

In addition to the exceptional power, this nozzle also offers improved efficiency. Not only can you clean faster using the Aqua-Rocket, but you can also enjoy less manhours spent on cleaning. Plus, with an efficient design, you can use less water and, in turn, less fuel, allowing you to save time and money by adding the Aqua-Rocket to your cleaning arsenal.

Cut digging time with Ripsaw and Switchblade

Hydra-Flex also excels at delivering solutions for hydro-excavation, and Hotsy of Southern California now stocks both the Ripsaw and Switchblade models.

The Switchblade offers greater digging capability and can cut through dirt faster. This static spray nozzle can spray water at up to 3,200 PSI with one, two or four simultaneous streams, delivering greater digging power in a single concentrated nozzle. This nozzle is more ideal for trenching than the Ripsaw, and offers improved flexibility with the variable number of streams. The individual color-coded nozzle pills make changing flow rate and pattern simple, helping you adapt your spray to meet soil conditions or water usage demands.

The Ripsaw, a rotating turbo nozzle, offers specialized performance for potholing, delivering a stream of water at 3,200 PSI while spinning in an 18-degree cone spray pattern, allowing for an optimal approach to clearing potholes and other small digging applications. As a standard design, the Ripsaw has a nonconductive urethane coating, which protect the nozzle while also protecting operators and any buried utility lines. The new heavy-duty coating option is also available, and is great for working in shale and other rocky environments.

Put more power in your pressure washer

With these new nozzles from Hydra-Flex, you can add new cleaning and digging capabilities to your existing pressure washing equipment. Discover the improved power and efficiency for yourself by stopping in to Hotsy of Southern California. Swing by any of our three locations – Austin, Killeen or Bryan – and ask one of our experts about the power of Hydra-Flex nozzles today.