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New Riverside Location!

We are delighted to inform you that we are moving to a new location as of 2/1/2023. Come visit us at:

2900 Adams Street, Unit A-10, Riverside, CA 92504 ( map it )

Service and Repair

Poorly performing equipment can slow operations costing you time and money. Critical equipment breakdowns always happen at the worst time. Sudden failure could mean employees in danger, delayed production and reduced revenue. When it happens, Hotsy of Southern California is ready with expert repair service and support – a partner that responds promptly with experienced technicians offering expert troubleshooting, root cause analysis and repair services to get your critical equipment up and running quickly.

  • Master Trained Service Technicians
  • Quick Response Time
  • Repair Services In-House and On-Site at Customer’s Location
  • Service Trucks equipped with Large Inventory of Replacement Parts
  • Repairs on All Brands
  • Reduce Downtime
  • Increase Asset Life and Reliability

For quick and thorough service and repair of pressure washers, parts washers or water treatment systems, call Hotsy of Southern California- a name you can trust.

Scheduled Maintenance Plans

Why react to a breakdown when you can prevent it? Keeping up on your equipment maintenance helps avoid broken-down machinery when you need it most.

To help boost the performance of your operations, we offer Scheduled Maintenance Plans. An effective Scheduled Maintenance Program can help address potential maintenance issues before they spoil production, compromise employee safety and negatively impact revenue.

The objective is three-fold: to reduce the likelihood of failures that result in unplanned downtime, to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance and to help comply with regulations. Scheduled Maintenance, when done properly, is an investment, not an expense:

  • Uncover potential problems early on
  • Limit reactive maintenance
  • Identify possible risks
  • Evaluate entire process rather than an isolated system
  • Improve overall reliability
  • Maximize uptime and performance
  • Improve Safety and Productivity
  • Assess Proper Usage & Identify Training Needs
  • Extend Equipment Life
  • Maintain Warranty Compliance
  • Maintain Compliance with Applicable Regulations

During each Scheduled Maintenance appointment, our staff conducts a thorough inspection of your machinery. We plan visits on a schedule that fits your needs and minimizes any downtime or impact on your operations. Our maintenance appointments will also keep up on a slew of routine tasks – changing the oil, cleaning out filters, checking hoses and connections and much more – taking work off your to-do list and giving you peace of mind knowing that your equipment is operating at peak efficiency.